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me, a person that has never played an otome game before, experiences mystic messenger: part 2 Jaehee

2020.07.11 08:56 magnuficent me, a person that has never played an otome game before, experiences mystic messenger: part 2 Jaehee

Before we start this 2 things: I'm writing this on laptop so the format will probably be better and I am bisexual, female leaning.
When I learned that we could date the female character I got so excited I can't even tell you, so imagine my disappointment when I learned that she friendzones you into oblivion. Did this stop me? No.
Jaehee is a d o r a b l e. I hate that this game doesn't allow you to spend time alone with her, Yes I want to go on a little coffee date with her, hell with the bomb! Most of this storyline happens with Jaehee and one or more characters which is annoying. After spending so much time with Yoosung I felt like I knew him but I can't say the same for Jaehee. But this does not change the fact that I had the time of my LIFE on this route. The game might make Jaehee friendzone you but the options it gives you are very flirty (especially after I think day 8?). It is fun to be the one that pursues especially when Jaehee can't take compliments at all and starts reasoning the compliment or gets shy. The fact that this is probably the calmest route relationship and storyline wise really helps this too. I was having actual fun at Jaehee's route, from getting angry at Jumin to texting random things at Seven and Yoosung to Zen's very cool personality that gets explored here. It was lighthearted (keep in mind the only storyline I played until this point is Yoosung). Two things annoyed me here, first of all how much time you spend on Zen. It does create a very cool friendship but it felt like I was setting these two up for a while and like I said I came here to flirt with Jaehee this does not really fit the plans. Still the Jaehee protection squad it created was very cool so I give it a pass. But I cannot give Jumin a pass.
This route needed a villain. Jaehee is not that connected with V, Rika or Ray. Jaehee's storyline is also about her discovering herself and finally pursuing her dreams. So the villain became whatever stood in the way of this, Jumin Han. I RAGED at this man the entirety of this route and like I said I get that he had to be the villain but oh my god I was so annoyed by him. He did not shut up or give her one break and then randomly took a car and crashed it which was funny but what the hell man. But I did like how angry he was at V. At this point in the story I have 2 points of view, Yoosung and Jaehee. Both of them do not put V in a good light but I will talk more about V when I make the part 3: 707.
But yeah! I want to play Yoosung again at one point but I throughly enjoyed Jaehee's storyline and I find it really cute that she actually starts a bakery. Like she makes coffee. That's adorable. This post is so gay I'm sorry ahah.
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2019.07.04 01:24 winterbunny13 Mystic Messenger's Worst character: Zen

So I've been obsessed with this game for a while and there is just one thing that rubs me the wrong way. I really want someone to change my mind even if I think it can't be done.

Zen. Is. Awful.

I can't. I can't even. Talking to him, listening to him go on and on about himself, it was more than annoying at first. I kept waiting. I continued to wait for it to get better as I knew him. It didn't. This fandom isn't helping his case either.

Now that's out of the way, allow me to clarify.

Note: I've not played every route yet, but I do know a lot about the ones I haven't played, even watching play through of them on youtube. Mostly the good routes.

Zen's self absorbed nature:
Sure, he's cute. Yes, he knows it. We've all met that character in an otome game ( or person in real life ). They are hard to be around for a while but once you get to know them, there's usually an amazing person under there. I will give it that Zen seems to think rationally and he is polite to you. You. He's not to others in the chat, especially if they have a cock. That's not a sexist attitude to have. >.> I peeled back layers of the man hoping, longing really, to see a true friend but I was far too disappointed.

Common defenses of Zen:
He cares about you! Zen loves you in every single route! Without you having to be the girl of his dreams, or without even knowing what you look like!
No. He doesn't care about you. Any care he might show before your personality is slowly revealed through chats is not romantic, it's gross. It's not sweet that he 'loves' you before knowing you, it means that you could be any woman, he doesn't really care as long as you're a woman. As a happily married woman who is completely head over heels, if I heard him say that I could just be anyone I would be crushed. That's an awful thing to say to someone you love. So at best he merely sees a girl in the chatroom and wants to mack on her. That's not prince material, that's gross. You aren't special to him, you're just a peace of ass he could have on his arm to make him happy. It's about him, not about you. Want further proof? keep reading. He's also not the only one who loves you in every route.
He has the most realistic reaction to the bomb!
Does he though? Jaehee's route ( the one most likely to act the most rational ) doesn't even get the opportunity to do so. Seven rushes off to you putting his own life on the line for a stranger. He's known about the bomb but with his life, his stress and the distraction from falling for you he forgets about it completely. A lot of people dislike him for that but I don't see how. Yes, there is a bomb. Yes, he put it in there. Two years ago. Do you know how much has happened since then? Literally his whole life was turned around. ( Yoosung talks about him changing and so does Vanderwood. ) Pardon the man for forgetting about it all, or being confident in his abilities. I think their reactions are fine, you just see what you want to see.
Zen is only like that because of his insecurities!
That... doesn't excuse anything. Actually, it makes it worse. As a man who is insecure with himself it is good to tell yourself that you're amazing. You need to love yourself. That's fine, but there comes a point when you buy your own bullshit. He's past that point. He's not insecure anymore. He even called his good looks a curse at one point. You can't have it both ways. I think I'm amazing. I don't mention it literally three times every two minutes. It takes this charming thing you can be and fucks it up.
Zen isn't mean to Jumin! The man deserves it. How dare he pick on Zen! That bully!
Ummm.... what? What fucking game did you play? Every single fight the two had was instigated by Zen. Jumin doesn't express enough emotions to have started this. In fact every single moment that Jumin is harsh to Zen was brought upon by the white haired shark being overly cruel to him. Why is he overly cruel? Because Jumin reminds him of his brother, who thinks money is everything.
But wait... Jumin doesn't think money is everything.
Jumin's whole thing is that money doesn't impress him. Do you know what impresses him? Work ethic, confidence and respectfulness. Zen has two of those but the man ruined it all because he can't get over his notions. There are various examples within chats that Jumin only bugs him when Zen starts it all.
I just really like the way he looks, he's my type.
Good for you. Thanks for admitting it. Doesn't make his character or personality any better. Looks fade, when he's older he will no longer look like that and you will be stuck with a man who has a shitty personality. If that's your cup of tea I got no argument against it.

Now that's out of the way, the reasons the man is utter garbage.

Treatment of Jaehee
The man is nice to her to the point of she is a woman therefore he should be nice to her. He doesn't care that she's a fan. He doesn't care that she's his number one fan. He doesn't care that she likes him for more than his superficial qualities. This is the one girl on the planet who likes him for more than just his muscles, she likes him for his skill. Zen should LOVE this woman. Maybe not romantically, Jaehee doesn't even want that. But he should be close as hell to her, and he's not. It takes you convincing him or taking an interest in her for him to even really notice her. This tells me that he's not that good of a friend, or even really that interested in his fans. He doesn't give a shit about the people he's going to build his career on. Furthermore, the little voice inside me screams that he only cares for Jaehee to fuck with Jumin more. Which is like him. ugh.

Okay, so everyone in this game makes gay jokes. You can write that off as close friends poking fun at one another. Seven especially, his goal is to just mess with people, but you can tell it's all in fun. He doesn't actually want to hurt them. Zen is different. He doesn't actively call or joke that Jumin is gay, in fact, he argues against the notion. But the way he does it. "Gay's have auras" "I've worked with a gay" That is literally the argument of "I'm not a homophobic person, I have gay friends!" -.- It get's worse...
When he's presented with a photo of seven dressing as a maid, he at first talks about how hot the maid is ( in front of you... ya know the woman people claim he 'loves' in every route. ) and when he's told it's seven... He freaks out. That's the equivalent of him going: "NO NO NO! NO HOMO. IT'S A TRAP!" So much for gay people having aura's, he can't even tell one of his best friends in drag. FURTHERMORE he knows seven cross-plays. He's shown photos in the messenger, more than one in the two days you've been around of him in girls clothing. So we can assume that they've seen way more. What does Zen say when explaining why none of them have girlfriends? "Seven's a freak" He's not that odd, other than being hyper in the chats and talking computer jargon. So what is he referring to? Yeah.

Treatment of men
Zen hates men. Way too much. He literally drones on and on about how all men are the same. They only want one thing. They are wolves. All of them are bad. Thanks for being sexist again, but- why do you think that? Is it that it's because that's all you think about? Alright, please keep your opinions to yourself. Not everything is about sex. Especially when you are trying to calm someone down from a mental break, fearing for your life or simply having fun with someone who has less muscles than you do. God. Annoying.

Personality and actions when you like anyone but him
I hate him when this rears it's head. I didn't hate him before, but I did after this.
No matter who you like he always flirts with you. That's fine, flirting is fine. Stop when it's not being reciprocated. Saying hello to you is not a flirt. Don't call a woman who is clearly into another man "babe", "princess" or "sweetie". Disgusting. If that was all he did I could forgive him. But it's not, is it? Not by a long shot. He not only knows you like them in some instances he offers to give you and the object of your affection relationship advice. ugh. If you were good at it, you would have a girl. But he actively discourages you from liking the other guys when you are locked into their route, late in the game. Keep in mind that Zen is supposed to be their friend. Friends don't do this. He noticed you like Yoosung? Get ready to hear about how he's a real man, unlike the guy you like. You've been making an effort to understand Jumin? Let this man do everything within his power to assert that the man is basically the devil, not a broken man who needs this understanding and care from someone. Might even rape you. >.> You've been laughing your ass off and being an edgelord with Seven? Get ready for him to try to push himself between you both too, even going so far as to admit that you're a good couple, but then call you late in the route and say that you're happy with seven but he can make you happy too. Ew. Just Ew. Did you literally just try to steal the girl's affection that's been waiting for a guy to understand his feelings and have hope for a future with the girl he likes, after that change actually happened? Please die. Like- now. This is disgusting if it's a stranger but these guys are supposed to be friends. Even if they just know each other through V and the parties they are connected enough for this to be amazingly grotesque. Unacceptable. I hope he dies in a fire. Not. Joking. =D

He hates cats
This is minor, especially after the last point, which is the main point I dislike him. You are free to hate cats all you want. You are free to talk about it. I'm sorry you have allergies that severe. This does not give you the right to joke about, or imply cruelty to that animal. Cat's are assholes. I know this, I love them. Hate them if you want. They deserve it. That also doesn't give you the right to imply that someone who does like them is crazy. Usually people get attached to pets, so saying "It's just a stupid cat" is a moronic line to spout.

Now to ruin the day of anyone who is a fan of his romantically:
All the boys love you in every single route.
Jumin? Yeah, he loves you romantically in every single route. Want proof? How far is he willing to go to protect you? He changes his schedule around, disrupts his own life at times just to be there for you. In Seven's route he literally flies back from the middle east to just be there, even when he can't do a damn thing to actually protect you. In Jaehee's route he makes an attempt to get to know you. I know he's a dick in that route but... guess what? Him asking you to be his assistant is him hitting on you basically. He never gave you guidelines like 'cut your hair'. It's because he wants you to look the exact way you do.

Yoosung? Yeah- loves you romantically in every route. It's not hard to imagine when you realize that he loves Rika romantically and in every situation he treats you like her. It's especially apparent in 707's route. Where when seven's trust of V is gone he proclaims seven the leader. This while you and him are together, which firmly puts you in Rika's shoes. He got his crush back on the older woman whose with one of the members of his close friend group.

Seven? Oh hell yeah, he loves you in every route. The man falls for the idea of you as well as just you. To the point where he just wants you to be happy. He cheers for you in every route that isn't his own. He's supportive without putting the guy you like down. He emotions however boil over in some routes, Jumin's to be exact. He calls you, crying. You picked Jumin over him, he can't take it anymore. Which is compounded by the fact that seven is written to know about the other routes and the resets you've done to get more of the story or date others. He's watched you fall for the others and he can't take it anymore. It boils over with Jumin because with the others he can justify you not picking him because the story structure doesn't allow you to pick him until you unlock deep story. Jumin just happens to be the only other one you can pick in that story, so he loves you and he's hurt that you'd pick someone over him. Even still he doesn't call and put Jumin down, he puts himself down. That's love. He doesn't assert that you should have picked him because he's better than you choice, he just needs to express his feelings in some way, he doesn't expect anything to come of it.

Ugh... That feels good to get that all out into words.

In short:
I want to like Zen. I want to so bad, but I can't get past his personality to find a kind soul. I have no idea why we didn't get more moments of him being the protective big brother type that let Yoosung get smashed at his house and take care of him.... or the sweet guy who sent Rika off to get actual help and protect her from her life being ruined further. He was merciful to arguably the most evil person in the game, but she was left like that because she was punished enough. Loosing V broke her, and no matter what she'd done, Zen cared about her as an actual person.

If he was that guy throughout the whole game, the man could of had my panties. That's the kind of man that gets a lot of women going. He has so much wasted potential and that pisses me off to no end.
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